In the world of ERPs,
why does TPI SHOP stand alone?

By Manufacturers, for Manufacturers

Unlike nearly every other Manufacturing and Service ERP on the market, TPI Shop ERP was built by a manufacturer – TARUS. We are not a pure-play software firm trying to learn your needs. We walk a mile in your shoes every day. TARUS profitability, productivity and throughput relies on the tested, trusted and proven TPI Shop ERP platform we use every day.

Mobile-First Design

Any device, anywhere, anytime. TPI Shop ERP is a browser-based platform that requires no device installation. Mobile-specific workflows allow for Time & Attendance, Inventory, Service Issues, Tasks, Jobs, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Geofencing, and Geolocation Tracking.

Better Best Practices

TPI Shop has grown to be adopted by other manufacturers and service companies. Not only will you receive practical advice from our team who run manufacturing operations every day, we can share best practices on how our customers best leverage TPI Shop.

Flexible & Scalable

Customization of modules and features of the TPI Shop ERP platform is built in so that your unique needs are accommodated. The platform is browser based and there’s no software to install, so TPI Shop is easily scalable throughout any organization.

Real Time Everything

One of the main frustrations we had with manufacturing ERPs was the need to extract data to analyze it, particularly in the area of Accounting & Finance. With TPI Shop ERP, all data is readily available in real-time with no need to pull data out to further analyze it.

Strong Service Management Tools

TARUS is a manufacturer with a large and growing Service Department. We send technicians throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia for installation, service, maintenance, retrofits, upgrades and repair. Where Service is an afterthought or difficult to manage in other ERPs – in TPI Shop, you’ll have complete control and insight.

Direct Access to Leadership

At TARUS, the TPI Shop ERP platform plays a central role because everyone uses it. When you adopt TPI Shop, you will have direct access to leaders in Operations, Manufacturing, Service, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, and Executives during the implementation and training process to ensure greatest success.

You're Working With a Peer

The quality of advice, insight, training and support is unparalleled compared to a pure-play software ERP firm. When you adopt TPI Shop ERP you’ll be working with the full resources of a manufacturing and service peer, not a software consultant.

We Listen

TARUS was founded on building custom machines. With a long history of building our own controls and software, it’s in our DNA to custom tailor solutions for clients. Simply put, we start every engagement by listening to clients first.

We Eat Our Own Dog Food

Months before any change or update is pushed to clients, we test and run TPI Shop internally to make sure it works because it’s the backbone of our company. TARUS has confidence TPI Shop works for our clients because we make sure it works here first.


We're a world-leading manufacturer with real software chops.

Founded in 1969, TARUS builds high-precision, large-volume CNC machines for heavy industry. We are a pioneer in gundrilling machines and invented the claymill in collaboration with General Motors, creating a new category in the machine tool business and forever changing transportation design. We are considered a ‘strategic supplier’ by a number of the largest car companies in the world.

From the beginning, we manufactured our own CNC machine controls. Producing our own controls meant we wrote our own software which led to tremendous software innovation. For example, TARUS introduced a robust GUI two years before Apple introduced their GUI in the 1980s.

Over 40 years ago we created our own operating system called SPUD that still runs on machines today. Today, the UI on our claymilling machines CNC is the preferred industry standard.

The list of software innovations goes on and on with TPI SHOP ERP being one of our many breakthroughs.

Dave Greig, the CEO of TARUS, has the unique experience of managing every aspect of a complex manufacturing operation and being able to code.


Why build an ERP?

Dave Greig, the CEO and son of the founder of TARUS, started building machines at an early age and eventually programmed TARUS-created machine controls. He has the unique experience of managing every aspect of a complex manufacturing operation and being able to code.

Dave became frustrated with numerous industry ERP offerings that proved costly and ineffective for the needs of a manufacturing environment, spearheading the development of TPI Shop ERP in 2015. Millions of dollars were spent in the development of TPI Shop, and it’s a platform that TARUS relies on every day to manage throughput of the entire company.

TPI Shop has grown to be adopted by other manufacturers and service organizations, proving its value by increasing productivity, lowering costs, and providing real-time insight for better decision making. If you run a manufacturing or service operation, learn how TPI Shop ERP can dramatically transform your company.


Proudly Made in the USA

TPI Shop is proudly developed and serviced in the USA.

All platform development, customer service, training, and support is US-based. No aspect of our platform has been developed or is supported overseas.

If you would like to meet our software team and visit our facilities in Metro Detroit, please contact us.

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