Integrated inventory management

How would you like your inventory to be fully integrated into every aspect of your organization? Everyone has a real-time, unified view of the entire chain of events throughout your organization? With TPI SHOP, you will.

Whether you build to stock (BTS) or fulfill parts orders to manufacture a more complex build to order (BTO) entry, TPI SHOP has you covered.

Our demand activity stream unifies your entire team, allowing everyone to see and react to demands as they are coming in. Quickly order and receive materials to get work out to the production floor as soon as possible.

Close Work Order

Manage issuing manufactured parts to Inventory or to open demands.

Demand Manager

Demand activity stream, supplies demands display, purchase order and RFQ history.

Inventory Management

Manage issuing parts from Inventory to any open demands.

Inventory Reports

Demand in stock, inventory by item, inventory by storage area, manufacturing times, pick lists (on demand manager), WIP history.

Issue Material

Manage issuing parts from Inventory to any open demands.

Receive PO

Manage receiving purchase order items to Inventory or open demands


Routers are used as templates for adding BOM, labor operations, outside operations and notes in proper sequence, needed to produce a specific manufactured item.

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