Workflow. Gain control, leverage insight.

Workflow & Production

You know and understand manufacturing, but are you in control of your manufacturing process?

With TPI SHOP’s interactive job status reports, get instant line-of-sight where jobs stand. Identify bottlenecks to get production on track. Quickly see which parts and processes are complete, which are in process and which haven’t been started yet.

Manufacturing is your business and TPI SHOP is built to support it.

CAD Data Linkage

Link back to CAD data in production and workflow processes directly from TPI SHOP.

Change Requests

Ensure adjustments or mistakes have a minimal effect on production.

Customers & Locations

Total overview of Customers & Location information, quotes, opportunities, contacts, jobs, account receivable and payment history.


Tool to manage engineering designs, tasks, and time.


Distributor information, jobs and machine history.

Manage Estimates

Review and update labor operations estimates in the open work orders and routers.

Release Work

Releases router/work to create work order. Results in creating purchased parts, labor and outside operations demands.

Sales Orders

Manage parts orders and create demands for the manufacturing or purchased parts.

WIP Tracking

Receive items, WIP history.

Work Orders

Manage Work orders, send WO to production, request OO purchase orders, print work orders, print labor operations.

Workflow Jobs

Manage workflow jobs, shippers/packing slip.

Workflow Reports

Job costing, manufacturing times, work by area, department times, review work, active work
pick list (all).

Jobs WIP Tracking Work Orders Workflow Reports
Manage Jobs
Receive Items
Manage Work Orders
Active Work
Shippers/Pack Slip
WIP History
Print Labor Operations
Department Times
Print Work Orders
Job Costing
Manufacturing Times
Pick List (All)
Review Work
Work by Area

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