Purchasing management

TPI SHOP’s integrated purchasing functionality enables you to get the most from your vendors.

With TPI SHOP’s integrated system, demands are generated automatically. Whether it is from a release to production or a one off purchase requisition from a user, all demands are instantly made available to the purchasing team via the current demand stream.

Once the demand is made, TPI SHOP lets you transition them into requests for quotes or purchase orders quickly and easily. All demands are searchable by job, vendor, due date, last activity and much more. You can ensure the best price through the use of historical data, vendor comparisons and easy bulk ordering. With a couple of clicks these demands can be made into purchase orders and even emailed directly to the vendor through TPI SHOP.

Follow Up
Once the purchase order is sent, TPI SHOP’s process allows you to continue to monitor the order. You can easily see all past due items so you can not only follow up, but record what you learn and make it instantly available to everyone.

With TPI SHOP, purchasing status is available throughout the system. Manufacturing can see if parts have been ordered and view arrival dates for parts on multiple screens that they use daily. This transparency lets you drive your inventory down and speed up production.

Current Demand

Get real-time line-of-sight into current and forecast demand to run a lean operation.


Manufacturers’ item information, vendors for items manufactured, terms of sale, related contacts, purchasing history.

Purchase Orders

Manage purchase orders, demand allocations to open demands or to stock.

Purchasing Reports
Instant real-time reports on things like job purchased items, purchase order lines.
Request for Quote

Manage and track RFQs for your organization.


Enter, view and process requisitions into RFQs or purchase orders.


Vendor information, contacts, purchasing , accounts payable and bill payment history.

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