Cross module features and functionality

Integrated features and functionality

We worked hard to ensure TPI SHOP’s core strengths are integrated across modules for true cross module functionality.

Barcode Integration

Integrate barcodes into every step of your operation from inventory, to jobs, to workflow. Ensure all inventory is intact and workflow progress remains in order and accountable.


Employee times accurate? How much time is spent on task? Inventory tracking issues? We make Biometrics that are quick, secure, and simple.

Attendance system biometric authentication means greater speed and security in day-to-day operations than punchclocks or password systems.

Biometric inventory tracking makes moving items around the shop faster than ever. Fingerprint sign in at a nearby station, scan the barcode on a work order and select the items that are being moved into the new area. Records of every movement are created, allowing for full accountability.

Our biometrics demonstrate that work is done in the correct order, all needed items to complete an operation are available, and that no holds have been placed before letting the employee proceed. A quick scan of a work order allows employees to clock into their next task and get back to working in seconds. Precise timekeeping lets you track exactly how long each task takes.

Document Management

Upload, track, & sort documents via secure connection. Attach to any module. You can upload a single file once and link it to one or multiple areas across the platform for true cross module functionality of any single document.

Employee Data Management

Integrated framework for employee review ensuring your team is on a growth path.

Geofencing & Geolocation

Geofencing for employee clock in, inventory management, job management and service management. Mobile-ready too.

Instant Line-of-Sight

You can’t fix what you can’t measure. You can’t measure what you don’t see. With TPI SHOP, all information is available in real-time, rolled up in KPIs or dashboard elements to allow optimal decisions.

Machine Monitoring

Monitor and reporting on machine performance and utilization. Improve profitability by ensuring your operations run on maximum capacity and utilization.

Mass Data Import/Export

Save time and money. Manual data entry is tedious, wasteful, and contributes to data inaccuracy. Mass import and export of data into or out of modules for things like customer lists, inventory, and more.


Control messages across your entire company from one central dashboard element.


Any device. Anywhere. Anytime. Your ERP fully operates anywhere you do. Mobile-First functionality scales across every module in TPI SHOP.

Multi-Time Zone

Do your operations span multiple time zones? Centrally manage time zone differences from a single dashboard.

Notifications & Subscriptions

Get informed when changes occur using push notifications via email, text message or platform notification.

Order Entry

Quick and easy, no matter what type of manufacturing you do. Whether it is a simple parts order, build-to-stock (BTS), or a more complex build to order (BTO) entry, TPI SHOP has you covered. It ensures that the manufacturing, purchasing and sales departments are working together with the demand activity stream, which lets your team see demands as they are coming in. Quickly have materials ordered and to get work out to the production floor as soon as possible.

Do you sell purchased parts?

In TPI SHOP all you need to do is create a sales order and purchasing will know instantly what to procure.

Do you sell things you have made before?

TPI SHOP’s templates for jobs allow your sales order to be quickly transitioned to a work order by selecting from an existing design.

Do you sell products that are minor modifications to a previous production?

The template system allows you to quickly modify an existing design and get it into your production queue right away.

Do you sell completely new products?

TPI SHOP’s template design process is a drag and drop graphical tool that lets you add parts and operations to a new design with ease.

Do designs change while in process?

Sometimes mistakes happen. When alterations are necessary, TPI SHOP has quick and easy to use tools that let you edit both templates and work on the floor. You can make the changes you need fast.


You know and understand manufacturing, but are you in control of your process?

With TPI SHOP’s interactive job status reports, it is easier than ever to see where each job stands. These tools help identify bottlenecks so you can get production back on track. Quickly see which parts and processes are complete, which are in process and which haven’t been started yet.

TPI SHOP gives you

    • Real-time job status reports
    • WIP Location tracking (Work in Process)
    • Accurate time and attendance
    • Inventory tracking
    • Subscription Notifications
    • Biometric Authentication
    • Work Orders
    • Mobile Clock In
    • Links to CAD Data
    • ECRs (Engineering Change Requests)
    • Internal resource management
    • Accurate job costing
    • And much more
Quality Management

Procedures & Work Instructions
TPI SHOP allows for the creation of custom work templates called routers which detail the operations and materials needed to complete manufacturing processes. Using this system you can define the quality checks that need to be performed at each step in the manufacturing process.

The quality operation steps can be flagged as optional or required. If required, then the system will not let work proceed until the step has been marked complete. Giving you maximum flexibility to tailor the system to your specific quality requirements.

Attachment & Linking System
Using TPI SHOP’s powerful document management and linking system you can easily upload any of your quality related documentation. Whether it is a hand written inspection checklist, pictures of completed parts or other quality records, they can be uploaded and attached directly to the work order, job, task and many other places throughout the software.

Measurement is a large part of any quality system. TPI SHOP gives you unprecedented access to accurate and real-time data about work that is happening on your production floor. Instantly see information needed to streamline your entire manufacturing processes.

Corrective Action Requests
TPI SHOP’s task system can track problems and the resultant corrective actions electronically. Engineering Change Requests go one step further for design changes with an integrated system that can stop production of incorrect designs.

Real-Time Everything

All information in TPI SHOP is in real time, unlike other ERPs that force asynchronous batching and exports on important processes like Accounting and Finance.

Reporting & KPI Management

Throughout TPI SHOP you can see how things are going, be it a manufacturing operation or an order shipment. With better access to information, accountability and throughput of your organization improves.


With built-in, integrated scheduling, your company can optimize performance and eliminate downtime to run the leanest operation possible.

Task Management

Tasks are a great way to keep employees organized and on track. TPI SHOP becomes a digital collaboration and accountability tool designed to replace email, instant messages and even some meetings. Quickly view the last time work was completed on a task, who is assigned, when it is due and much more. Best of all, push notifications ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Task Collaboration System: The task system gives you a project collaboration tool with powerful functionality that lets you work together without email or phone calls and prevents things from falling through the cracks.

Performance Tracking: Throughout TPI SHOP you can see how things are going, be it a manufacturing operation or an order shipment. With better access to information, accountability within your organization improves.

Subtasks. Break large tasks up into smaller ones.

Search filters makes it easy to find specific tasks.

Attachments and notes can be easily added and viewed.

History is kept to maintain full accountability.

Multiple members can be assigned so they can see the progress of the task and for easy handoffs.

Tasks are linkable to other parts of the software for easy navigation. They include:

      • Other Tasks
      • Change Requests
      • Facility
      • Jobs
      • Customers
      • Items / Parts
      • Machines
      • Purchase Orders
      • Request for Quotes
      • Service Issues
      • Work Order
      • Routers

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