User Tools

User tools to adjust settings & work functions

TPI SHOP has a customizable dashboard allowing users to select from dozens of different interactive charts, graphs and activity feeds to have right at their fingertips. In addition, individual components can be further customized to display various date ranges, job numbers, sizes, positions, colors and much more.

TPI SHOP allows the user to view important content at a glance with multiple chart, graph and feed options. Whether you need the big picture or you need to drill down into greater detail,  TPI SHOP will help you accomplish your goals.

Examples of the charts, graphs and feeds available

    • Job status
    • Attendance
    • Service issue activity
    • Purchase order activity
    • Open engineering change requests
    • Open tasks
    • And much more
Account Settings

Employees can custom tailor system settings they use on the platform.

Clock In/Out

Employees click in and out via TPI SHOP, including biometric capability.

Give Feedback

Feedback loop fosters continuous improvement. Employees can provide input on various company operations.


Displays the licensing tier and functionality functionality set for employees.

Request Access

Employees can request access to the system or functionality as needed.

Request PTO

Employees request PTO directly from TPI SHOP and requests are integrated with the HRM module.

Switch My Location

Have multiple locations? Employees can easily switch between them.


Allows employees to setup and customize settings in the User Tools module.

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