Human Resources Management

HRM, time & attendance management

With TPI SHOP’s integrated system, Human Resources management is tightly coupled to the rest of your business’s workflow. It manages both record storage and processes you do every day.

Biometrics - TPI Clock In/Clock Out

With the TPI Clock add-on to TPI SHOP, our attendance system ensures employees are clocking in and out correctly. Biometric authentication achieves greater speed, accuracy, and security in day-to-day operations than manual punchclocks or password sign-in.

Calendar & Tasks

The Calendar and Task systems, while not exclusive to HR, enable scheduling and collaboration for your team.

Employee Records & Permissions

Secure storage of all employee personal information, job performance, and any employee review documents are fully integrated and attachable. HR permissions allow quick access to employee records for managers and HR alike.

Interactive Organizational Chart

The organizational chart with employee photos, titles, and reporting structure lets employees understand your company and facilitate onboarding.


Manage PTO policies and parameters organization-wide from a central location.

Review Time Sheets
Review, edit, time-balance, and correct employee time sheets at any level of the organization.
Time Reporting

With the attendance system, employee times for both payroll and individual jobs are easily reviewable. Time Balance is easily requested and implemented, while a complete history of all changes are recorded. This history allows analysis of both attendance and operation times.

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