Administration features and functionality

Simple and effortless administration of your ERP

TPI SHOP makes administration of your organization easy. Whether you’re defining a user’s permissions, setting shift times or adding a new part to your inventory master list, TPI SHOP’s friendly user interface makes it fast and simple.

Streamline the workflow of employees.

Secure company data with the use of the powerful permission system.

Get instant line-of-sight by keeping all information in one place. Review your team’s performance quickly and easily.

Managers collaborate with their team and others throughout the organization with our task system and push notifications.


Do business in other currencies? Manage it in TPI SHOP.


Manage your company by Department, with granular control and insight.

List Options

Control the list options across your entire company from one central dashboard element.


Control messages across your entire company from one central dashboard element.


Manage company operations from the TPI SHOP dashboard.


Secure company data and access by leveraging our powerful permission system.

Product Lines

All of your Product Lines easily managed from one central location on our ERP platform.

Roles & Activities

Employee roles and activities managed by department or across your organization.

Site-Wide Settings

Control site settings en mass or down to individual departments or users.

Storage Areas

In TPI SHOP, inventory location is managed by Storage Area.

TPI Clock Stations

Manage all aspects of TPI Clock across your organization.

User Interface

Customize the User Interface for your organization to provide a better user experience.

WIP Locations

Create and administer WIP Locations easily from a central point.

Work Centers

Create, manage, and administer company Work Centers from a central point..

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