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Sales CRM process management

Sales drive company revenue and quoting is the genesis of every sale. TPI SHOP provides the tools necessary to create a quote, turn that into a job, and provide the data necessary for invoicing.

Whether the quote involves manufacturing products or ordering for resale, a quote can be converted into a job that drives a manufacturing process and/or creates demand for purchasing. Seamless integration with customer information and the master parts list allows quick quote creation. Historical data is available to assist in setting prices and delivery dates.

When Service is involved, TPI SHOP allows people to subscribe to events related to specific customers and jobs. This allows the sales department to be aware of events transpiring in real-time. Whether it is parts delivered or installation complete, proactive feedback takes communication to the next level. TPI SHOP gives users the ability to reach out to their customers with confidence.


Manage accounts your company is targeting or does business with. Mass export and import in a single mouseclick into excel feature allows you to build your account base quickly or analyze information further.


Manage customer contacts you are targeting or do business with. Mass export from the CRM in a single mouseclick allows for the rapid use of this data in tools like email marketing automation. Mass import allows the transfer of customer data from customer lists or trade shows into the CRM.


Manage the universe of sales leads inside TPI SHOP. Allows for lead scoring, lead qualification that turns info an active sales opportunity.


Track active sales opportunities from initial conversation to close. Assign phases of the sale, probability per stage, notifications and reminders so nothing slips through the gaps, that leads to accurate sales forecasting.


Track and manage sales quotes. Integration with master parts list and account/customer information allows quick turnarounds. Quotes are converted into a job that drives a manufacturing process, creates demand for purchasing, or pulls inventory for shipment.

Sales Reports

Get real-time reports for things like open quotes or quotes by period. See dashboard elements in real time or export sales report data in a single mouseclick to excel for further analysis.

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