Accounting features and functionality

Real Time Accounting

A major frustration we had with other ERPs is they force you to run batching or export reports to gain insight. In TPI SHOP ERP, all accounting and finance is available in real time.

TPI SHOP implements real time accounting which is tightly integrated with the inventory management system. Transactions that are taking place on the plant floor are instantly available. There is no more need to run a weekly or biweekly batching process in order to make the inventory system match accounting.

Transaction Templates

Reduce data entry by saving large and recurring transactions as templates and using them when making similar entries in the future.

Auto Reverse

Have end of month transactions that need to be reversed at the beginning of the next month? TPI SHOP gives you the ability to mark transactions for automatic reversal on a future date.

Reporting & Searching

In addition to all of the typical accounting reports, TPI SHOP also has a powerful interactive search tool which allows you to quickly find a transaction with even the smallest amount of information.

Accounts Receivable Collections Tracking

While we would all like our customers to pay on time every time, we know that reality is not always so convenient. TPI SHOP goes beyond just showing you a report of past due invoices. With our collection tracking tool, you are able to easily record the results of any collection attempts.


Instead of just seeing that an invoice is 90 days past due, you now also see when the last follow up was and what is being done about it. This allows for improved customer relations and cash flow.

Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Account Settings General Ledger Reports Other Features
Adjust Accrual
Accept Payments
Billing Types
Chart of Accounts
Account Activity
Bank Reconciliation
AP Reports
AR Reports
Department Wage
Record Transaction
AP Reports
Trial Balance
Manage AP
Manage Invoices
Search Transactions
AR Reports
Year End
Manual Check
Product Lines
Balance Sheet
Pay Bills
Site-Wide Accounts
Cash Flow Statement
Void Payments
Employee Reports
Income Statement
Inventory Reports
Job Reports
Purchasing Reports
WIP Reports

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