Drive productivity with user dashboard and activity panel

Users manage important work-related content at a glance with multiple chart, graph and feed options.

Select from dozens of different interactive charts, graphs and activity feeds. Individual components can be further customized to display various date ranges, job numbers, sizes, positions, colors and much more.

My Calendar

Update and view your customized calendar and activities by hour, day, week, month or year.

My Notifications

Receive push notifications on any task, workflow, meeting, calendar event, or other triggered event.

My Profile

Customize your profile and key information inside TPI SHOP.

My Tasks

Single view to see grouped tasks, manage open tasks, my tasks, other’s tasks.

Org Chart

Org chart with employee photos lets teammates understand your structure and get to know each other.


Auto-generate a graphic flow chart for any business process which can include steps, departments & people involved, conditions, permissions, tasks, workflow, and more.

User Dashboard

Customize the User Interface for your organization to provide a better user experience.

What’s New

An internal bulletin used to highlight the latest updates, features, and functionality for every new update pushed to TPI SHOP.


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